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What you should about the escape games of 3KEY Rooms

WHAT is this escape game about?


Rooms full of tricks or the Rooms of the 3 keys? These are 3KEY Rooms! Real thematic designed gaming rooms (so called “escape rooms“), created so that you can move to different place, in different time – in your own movie. We created 3 different games with authentic atmosphere and authors riddles, with main team mission to find the exit in fixed time (60 or 70 min.) How you can do that? To succeed you will have to rely on your team spiritlogical thinking and perceptiveness.

Team 2-6/7* people

Team spirit is the main key!

Have fun together, while developing your communication and organizational skills.

*Valid only for the Room “The Al Capone’s Bar”

Unlock your mind!

We challenge your logical thinking!

Gather the needed information! Discover all the hidings! Puzzle out the riddles! 

Time is precious

Waste it wisely!

To find an exit from the 3KEY Rooms is а fun challenge. You have 60 or 70 min (depending on your room choice).

WHOM is this escape game for?

Friends and colleagues

You spend plenty of time together and you are looking for unusual way of having fun? You think together you could find a way out in any given situation? This could be your teambuilding!

Form a team of 2 to 7* persons and CHOOSE THE ROOM YOU WANT TO BOOK!

Couples or families

You are looking for a new type of entertainment and way to escape your daily routine? Embrace the challenge, upgrade your skills – spend one unforgettable hour together! Have a romantic date playing a fascinating game or bring together the whole family.

Form a team of 2 to 7* people and CHOOSE THE ROOM YOU WANT TO BOOK!


You have already seen all traditional landmarks? You are looking for unforgettable entertainment? You want game, absolutely adapted for English-speaking participants? 3KEY Rooms is the attraction for you! One step from the yellow pavement!

Form a team from 2 to 7* people and CHOOSE THE ROOM YOU WANT TO BOOK!


You want to surprise your friends with an interesting gift? You prefer to make gifts that bring emotion instead of  buying material presents?  And how can you get a gift quickly for this night’s event? Our personalized vouchers will definitely make your special people smile!

Learn more about our vouchers and CONTACT US!

Give a voucher for a game!


  • We came from far away just to solve your riddles. It was worth every meter.
    By Lord of Glencoe and his advisors
  • Thank you so much for this amazing experience! We absolutely loved it! Thank you Detective Bibi for everything! Next time we come to Sofia, we will come and do the MaTRICK.
    By Noodles!

HOW MUCH does it cost – the prices


Team of 2

70 BGN

(35 BGN per person)


Team of 3

90 BGN

(30 BGN per person)


Team of 4

120 BGN

(30 BGN per person)


Team of 5

140 BGN

(28 BGN per person)


Team of 6

160 BGN

(26,67 BGN per person)


Team of 7

180 BGN

(25,71 BGN per person)
*7 people could play only in “Al Capone’s Secret Bar”

You want to take a voucher, pay game in advance or to deposit*?

You can do that via bank transfer to our account. Contact us for details.

If you prefer to pay in cash (Sofia, “Vasil Levski” bul. №102 or Sofia, “Tsar Samuil” str. №50 А), please contact us before to visit us: contact@3keyrooms.com or phone: +359 876 33 82 35,  +359 888 86 16 68.

*Please, pay attention, that we require deposit in case of booking more than one room. For example if you book 2 parallel games for a team building or birthday you have to deposit the price of 35 BGN per 1 booked slot. For example, for two simultaneous games in “The Detective & the Time Machine” and “MaTRICK” we will expect deposit of 70 BGN. The deposit cannot be refund in case your teams do not appear during the booked hours or you want to cancel/change the reservation in time less than 48 hours of the booked one.

WHERE to come – addresses

We expect our guest after a prior reservation. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


The Detective’s Room & The MaTRICK – Vasil Levski Blvd. 102

Al Capone’s Secret Bar – ul Tsar Samuil 50A


+359 876 33 82 35

+359 888 86 16 68




Opening hours

Reservation required!

Monday to Sunday

09:00 – 22:00

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