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Gift voucher

You are looking for a special gift for special people? It must be unique, unconventional, unforgettable and veeeeeery impressive? You can solve this in less than 60 minutes.

A game in 3KEY Rooms!

Surprise your friends with an unforgettable EXPERIENCE!! No matter the occasion – birthday, bachelor party, Christmas, St. Valentine or something even more special – a date or a marriage proposal… Just choose!

Contact us and prepay a game for the team, you want to present a game to. We will issue a voucher that can be sent via mail as a PDF or prepared like a real letter in an envelope so you could give it by hand and make a great impression! The recipient of the voucher could use it when booking a game at a preferred time. Just have to write the code into the Notes field when making the reservation.

If you have further ideas for your special occasions –  just contact us!

This offer does not include a party zone. The duration of the game (incl. entering and exiting the room) is set to 1 hour and 30 minutes in total.

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Who will give the voucher (example: "the agents", "the cool friends", "the Johnsons", etc.)

Who is this gift for (example: "for Tomsons family", "for the best friend ever", "the champions of the sales contest", etc.)

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