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Gift voucher

Custom made presents for beloved people.

You are looking for a special gift for special people? It must be unique, unforgettable and easy to get?

A gift voucher for a 3KEY Game!

The occasion may vary: birthday, name day, maiden/bachelor party, award, Christmas, Valentine day, romantic date or even a proposal… Surprise your friends with a real EXPERIENCE instead of material stuff!

How to order 3KEY Voucher for a game? Fill the form further down. In the Notes field you can write how you prefer to get the voucher:  in PDF (you get it fast and the payment is done via bank transfer) or prepared as a gift (in a gift pack so you could give it by hand and make a great impression – you can pick it up from our office and the payment is in cash). Next we will contact you for confirmation. Please, if you need the voucher fast, contact us immediately, so that we can react in the fastest way: +359 876 33 82 35!

The voucher is made for the specific 3KEY room and it is personalized. It can be prepared in English or Bulgarian. The voucher for The Detective’s room is a hand made paper scroll with an original wax seal. The MaTRICK’s voucher is a movie poster with a picture of the recipient herself/himself in the role of the Chosen one. The Al Capone’s Bar’s voucher has a design of newspaper announcing a gangster wanted where the picture of the gangster is the gift recipient’s pic. 

The owner of the voucher chooses the date of the game by herself/himself. If she/he decides, she/he can play with greater number of players. In this occasions the extra players have to pay the difference in the prices. The Booking is easily made through our website via filling the Notes field with the voucher’s code.  The voucher is valid 3 months from the date of issue.

The 3KEY vouchers prices are the same as the regular ones of the respective Room for the relevant number of people:

a team of 2 – 70 BGN, 3 – 90 BGN, 4 – 120 BGN, 5 – 140 BGN, 6 – 160 BGN and a voucher for a game of 7 in “The Al Capone’s Secret bar” – 180 BGN.

For more information contact us. We will reach you by phone to discuss the details after receiving your order.

Phone number +359 876 33 82 35, +359 888 86 16 68.

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