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I. Platform, supplier, user and player

II. Website usage

III. Reservations

IV. Registry of the players

V. Prices and payment

VI. Vouchers and game invitations, discount codes

VII. Safety and rules for room exploitation

VIII. Confidentiality

IX. Personal data

I. Platform, supplier, user and player

1.1 The website http://3keyrooms.com and the sites situated on its subdomains (also called the Website moving forward) are a subject of intellectual property of “3 Key Group” Ltd and “Questopia” Ltd (also called “Organizers”) and they are as well being managed from by companies.

1.2 The organizers are creators and manage games (also called Game/Games and Service/Services under the brand name „3KEY”. The games actually are reality thematically decorated premises or the so called „escape rooms“, (also called in the current paper Mystery rooms of the Rooms), where the players solve mysteries or look for a way out.

1.3. Every individual or legal entity (the User), who accesses the Website, as well as every person that uses the Services that the Organizers offer (the Player), complies with the current Terms and Conditions on the basis of article 2.1 from the exact same Terms and Conditions.

1.4 When interpreting and applying the current Terms and Conditions, the terms and expressions with a capital letter will have the meaning according to the first given to them definition written in brackets.

II. Usage of the Website www.3keyrooms.com

2.1. With every use of the Services, including a visit to the Website, as well as activating links from the home page or every other page from the Website, the Users and the Players actually make an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and the Electronic certifying services Law, which means that they declare that they are familiar with the Terms and Conditions, they comply with those and are obligated to observe them.

2.2 The users check for amendments in the Terms and Conditions of www.3keyrooms.com on their initiative. If the Terms and Conditions are amended after a Player have already made a reservation for a Game, in the relations with the Organizers, the Terms and Conditions before the amendment are to be taken into consideration if necessary.

2.3 The Organizers’ website aims to provide updated and accurate information for the products and services offered. Its usage from the Users may only be with this same reason. Every  usage, recreation, change, transmission( by electronic or other way), public display, extraction or reuse etc. of a part or the whole content, or of the brand „3KEY“, without the consent of the Organizers is forbidden and will be prosecuted by the full power of the provided law order.

2.4 The users accept that the Organizers are not to be held responsible for the consequences, including possible harm, as a result from connections of any kinds with the access, usage or the inability of the Website to be used.

2.5 The Website may contain hyperlinks to other sites. The Users accept that the Organizers do not take responsibility for those other websites’ content.


3.1 Service reservations are done through the Organizers’ Website: http://3keyrooms.com, on the officially published on the Website telephones, by email: contact@3keyrooms.com or by exception – only after a confirmation message on Facebook from the administrator of the official Facebook pages of the Organizers: (https://www.facebook.com/3keyrooms/ и https://www.facebook.com/3KEYRoomsIITheEscapeBarAlCapone/). The Organizer has to confirm that he accepts to make the reservation.

3.2 The accessible reservation times are real time updated on the Organizers’ Website and if nothing else is agreed on, they are strictly fixed.

3.3 The Organizers accept reservations through the Website no later than 24 hours before the start time of the Game. The Organizers may accept later reservations only by the other means, pointed in article 3.1.

3.4 In order to make a reservation through the Website, the Player uses a request form with actual, fill and currently applicable for him data for: full names, telephone, email address, total contestants in the Game and name of the team that will benefit from the Service. The player that will make the reservation takes full responsibility for the correct submission of all the personal data, which actually guarantees for the data’s verity.

3.5 If the input data is untrue, incomplete or not actual, the Player is to be held responsible for a possible eventual situation in which the Service is not performed because of the reservation or the provided data.

3.6 The reservation is considered successful only after the Player receives a confirmation on behalf of the Organizers. The lack of such confirmation means that the reservation has not been accepted and the Organizers are not obligated to provide the Service.

IV. Registry of the players before the start of the game

4.1 The Players receive information about the location of the corresponding game room (the Room) from the Website or via the phone. The Players accept to be present at the address no sooner, nor later than 10 (ten) minutes prior to the start time of the Service provision.

4.2 The Players accept to register themselves and to get familiar with the safety rules and the rules for the right conduction of the Game. The Players access a copy of the safety rules (also called the Declaration) in the Organizers’ locations. The Players accept and agree to follow the instructions given to them from an Employee of the Organizers.

4.3 The Players accept to be let to the game zone and to be provided the relevant Service, only after certifying that they are familiar with the current Terms and Conditions, the rules for the conduction of Games and the instructions given to them from the Organizers’ employees, they accept and comply with those as well. In the declaration they need to fill in their full names, email addresses and to lay their signatures.

4.4 The organizers may cancel the reservation, as well as to deny access to the Service to the Player and his game team if the personal data provided is incomplete, unreal and untrue. In such case the Organizers do not owe any compensation or refunds for payments made in advanced.

4.5 The Organizers have the right to deny to provide the negotiated Service, if the Players run late for a reserved Game with more than 15 minutes from the officially announced on the Website start time. In such case the Organizers do not owe a refund to the Players for payments made in advance.

V. Prices and payment

5.1 The Prices of the Organizers’ Services are displayed in Bulgarian levs and are published on the Website http://3keyrooms.com, as well as displayed in the Organizers’ locations.

5.2 The Prices of the Services depend on the number of Players in a team. The pricing method is explained on the Website and on the reception desks of the Organizers.

5.3 As far as nothing else is arranged in a written way, the Players owe the Organizers payment for the Services provided based on the number of Players that actually used the Services, irrespective of the number of the Players declared in advance upon the reservation process.

5.4 As far as nothing else is arranged, the payment is to be done either in advance via bank transfer or in cash on site at the reception desks of the Organizers.

5.5 The schedule, the current prices and the payment methods for the Services are published on the Website as well as on a visible place at the locations for work with customers. The Organizers have every right to make changes of those at any time, in accordance with the workload, the season and the arrangements with the customers.

5.6 The Organizers shall receive a deposit for every room being reserved when a Player makes a reservation for two or more Games that are running at the same time or one after another. The Player arranges the payment of the deposit no later than 72 hours prior to the date and time, which he had made his reservations for. Otherwise the Organizer is not obligated to accept the reservations.

5.7 Upon request from the Organizers’ employees, before receiving his Service, a Player with a deposit paid or with a prepaid game is obligated to provide evidence for the payment being arranged. Such evidence is a receipt or a bank order.

5.8 The Player may change the start time for the deposited or prepaid Game, respectively to cancel it without being charged, when the change or the cancellation is done no later than 48 hours prior to the reservation time. The Player loses the deposited amount or a part of prepaid amount equaling the deposit, when this limitation is not observed. The Players loses the entire amount if he is late for the reservation with more than 15 minutes or does not show up at all.

VI. Vouchers and game invitations, discount codes

6.1 The Organizers give their customers the opportunity of buying vouchers and game invitations, where the whole amount of the Game has to be prepaid for the relevant number of Players. The vouchers and the invitations are to be ordered in advance through the Organizers’ Website or via the other official methods for establishing a contact with them. The procedure of ordering a voucher or an invitation is described on the Website. The time needed for the voucher/invitation to be issues is 2 working days, under the condition that all the data and photo materials needed are provided from the Player’s site. In case of an emergency the Organizers may accept voucher and invitation orders via the phone.

6.2 A Voucher, issued from one Organizer, may be used for the payment of one Game reservation, organized from that same individual.

6.3 The vouchers are valid within the time frame marked on them, within which their owner has the right to use the Service, provided from the Organizer

6.4 Every voucher contains a unique official code. In order to claim the usage of a voucher for a prepaid Game, the Players enter the unique official code into the relevant gap while making the reservation. The confirmation – result from the reservation is sent to the Player. It consists information for the Organizer and the provided Service.

6.5 The Game invitation is applicable only for a specific Service, which is provided from a definite Organizer and used on a date and time, specifically chosen in advance.

6.6 The vouchers and game invitations are sold and may be bought from the Website. Their price is identical to the price of the corresponding regular Games, announced on the Website.

6.7 Each voucher, respectively each invitation may be used only once. The Organizers provide the the prepaid Service to the first person that claims the usage of the relevant unique code and may certify his/her right by presenting an original voucher or invitation, issued from the Organizers.

6.8 The Players get familiar with the information for the Services which every Organizer provides from the Website. The Players accept that a voucher paid to one Organizer may be used only for Services provided for this very same Organizers. Example: voucher paid to 3 Key Ltd may not be used for Services, provided from 3 Key Group Ltd and vice versa.

6.9 The maximum number of Players in each Game is specified on the Website.

6.10. When the Service is requested to be used from participants, whose number is more than the one specified on the invitation/voucher limit, but does not exceed the maximum participants allowed in a Game – specified on the Website, then the Players pay the margin result from the prepaid amount and the actual used on site Service on the Game day. The surcharge is payable on the basis of the prices pointed on the relevant voucher/invitation. If no such information is available on the voucher/invitation or their validly has expired but the Organizers accept it by exception, then the prices announced on the Organizers’ Website are to be taken in to consideration.

6.11. The Organizers do not repay any differences in the payments, when a voucher/invitation is being used for a payment for Service which price is less than the one that is was prepaid for(for example: a voucher for three players is used for a Game for two).

6.12 The Organizers do not accept a voucher and/or an invitation in exchange for paying their owner their price equivalence.

6.13 The voucher or invitation payment methods are described on the Organizers’ Website.

6.14 Before paying via bank transfer, the Player discusses the bank account with the Organizer and as payment subject writes down the relevant unique code of the voucher or the date and time of the prepaid Service.

6.15 The following vouchers and invitations are considered valid:

– those who have been paid to the Organizer and this can be certified with a payment document;

– those who are valid in accordance to the date and time written on them;

–  those who have not been used prior to their submission to the Organizers.

6.16 A voucher or an invitation are considered used if the person who uses them for a reservation:

– does not show up on time;

– runs late with more than 15 minutes;

– cancels or changes the reservation later than 48 hours prior to the start of the Service.

The Organizers do not owe any repayment for vouchers or invitations which the abovementioned conditions apply for.

6.17 The discount codes are actually a combination of letters and numbers or a specifically defined for the purpose material, which give the Players the right to use different Service discounts. The discount codes are issued from the Organizers and are online accessible as well as offline accessible through various advertisement materials. The discount code enters into force when the Player fills in the corresponding gap on the Website or in another specified way.

6.18 A specific discount code may be used only once for one specified Service, whereafter it is invalid.

6.19 The discounts do not accumulate and cannot be combined with one another. As far as it is not specifically noted, the discount codes cannot be used when the Organizers have applied Service promotion prices.

6.20 The Organizers reserve the right to offer other different in form and content promotions as well.

VII. Safety and game use

7.1 Every Player will be instructed prior to the Game and accepts to sign a declaration for following the rules in the Room.

7.2 The Players agree that during the Game they will remain inside the room.

7.3 Every Player has the right to leave the game zone whenever he wants. He needs to inform an employee of the Organizers and the employee will decide if the current Game is considered over for him or he will be let back in it.

7.4 The Organizers’ Services have a preset continuance, announced on the Website. In case the Players need more time to finish a Game, the Organizers may provide no more than 10 minutes extra time. The Players agree that the Organizers do not have the obligation to prolong their Game time, where prolonging the Game time is possible only on the basis of an Organizers’ judgement and when there is no reservation following the current one.

7.5 The Players agree to follow all the Organizers’ instructions and orders, including those for Game termination or for leaving the Game zone.

7.6 The Organizers can deny access to those Players whose number exceeds the maximum number of Players declared in advance for the relevant Room.

7.7 Unless something else is pointed, the Games are for persons above the age of 12. People between the age of 8 and 12 are being let into the game premises only when those are being accompanied by a capable adult, who takes full responsibility for their health, human integrity and their attitude in the game zones. As far as noting else is arranged, the accompanying adults pay the Service price for their Game participation according to the general basis.

7.8 Participant under the age of 8 do not pay for their participation, but can only be let in in the presence of at least to adult accompanying Players, who take takes full responsibility for their health, human integrity and their attitude in the game zones. As far as noting else is arranged, the accompanying adults pay the Service price for their Game participation according to the general basis.

7.9 The Organizers have the right to deny access to the Service without the payment for it being reimbursed or without them owing a compensation in cases when the Players are in an age that does not correspond to articles 7.7 and 7.8 – accompanying person’s criteria. If the Game in question is reserved and ordered to be paid with a voucher/invitation they are considered used.

7.10 In order to ensure the participants’ safety and the Organizers’ possessions one, all of the game zones and receptions are equipped with video and microphone equipment. When signing the Declaration on the basis of article 4.2 the Players express their consent to be videotaped and recorded during their game.

7.11 The Organizers may use the records and provide them to third parties only after the expressive written consent of the Players. The Players agree that the Organizers may provide the records to State Institutions, when this is provided in the enactment. The Organizers may use the records in order to guard their rights and legitimate interests when one or more than one Players:

– have an attitude that contradicts with the safety measures and threaten their own health or the health of the others;

– do harm to the Organizers’ possessions or steal;

– have another type of attitude that contradicts to the popular opinion or the Organizers’ confidentiality conditions;

7.12 The Organizers have the right to deny to provide Services and access to the Games to persons, who:

– are apparently in an intoxicated condition;

– are under the influence of narcotic or intoxicating substances;

– show signs of aggression or other potentially threatening behavior;

– do not follow the safety rules and the confidentiality rules, including taking photos or recording into the game zones;

– refuse to follow the instruction of the Organizers’ employees;

– have low level of personal hygiene;

– with their attitude they are a risk to other people or to the Organizers’ possessions. When the Game is prepaid or a deposit was paid for it, the amount is not refunded. If the Games is reserved and ordered to be paid with a voucher/invitation those are considered for having been used.

7.13. The Players accept that the Services are not adequate for persons with reduced mobility and for persons who suffer from claustrophobia or diseases that depend on the level of light or sudden changes of the light or sound environment, epilepsy, asthma or cardiovascular complaints. The Players use the Service on their own responsibility, including when it comes to harmful consequences for their health resulting from the Game.

7.14 The specificity of the Services requires going through holes or secret entrances, which may need for the Players to stand into different positions (squatting, benting, etc.). The Players use the Service on their own responsibility considering their clothing suitability and their physical condition for overcoming obstacles.

7.15 The Players take responsibility for their personal belongings. The Game Organizers are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings and luggage of the Game participants.

7.16 The Players does not have the right to bring animals, instruments, weapons and potentially harmful objects in the game zone.

7.17 The Players do not have the right to bring food and drinks into the game zone, unless they have received an expressive confirmation from the Organizers and have fulfilled all of their requirements.

7.18 Smoking (including electronic cigarettes and similar devices) on the territory of the Organizers’ locations is strictly forbidden.

7.19 By signing the Declaration on the basis of article 4.2, the Players certify with their signature that they have carefully listened to and will conform to the specific for each Room Instructional from the Organizers’ employee.

7.20 The consumption of foods and drinks, which are actually a part of the game zone requisite is strongly forbidden. Exceptions may be made for foods and drinks that have been specifically marked as fit, safe and good for consumption during the instructional.

7.21 The Organizers are not to be held responsible for any harm caused to the Players, as a result from the following reasons:

– Players’ negligence;

– not following the Terms and Conditions, the safety instructions, refusal to follow the instructions given by the Organizers’ employees;

– risky and unusual use of object, including furniture from the Players;

– usage of objects, substances, food or drinks in contradiction to the terms and conditions, safety instructions as well as a refusal to follow the instructions given by the Organizers’ employees;

– other improper behavior from the Players.

7.22 The Players are obligated to treat the decoration and all of the game elements, machines and objects carefully and with no excessive strength. If a Player damages Organizers’ possessions, including taking a part of it intentionally or unintentionally, the Organizers have the right to interrupt the Service being provided and to insist on a compensation for the damage being done and  the profits lost as a result of the damaged Room integrity. The Organizers may keep and use the records from the Game to prove the Player’s responsibility to the competent institutions.

7.23 The Organizers do not take responsibility if force majeure circumstances such as natural disasters and cataclysms, military actions, strikes, power or internet issues make the conduction of the Game impossible. In such case the Organizers’ responsibility is exhausted with the redirection or the Players to another Room, setting a different Game time or repaying the amount given in advance.

7.24 The Organizers may interrupt temporarily or completely the Game in case of technical issues (damage or failure of a fame component), which makes the normal conduction of the Game impossible, and as far as this issues is not a result from an action or the lack of action on behalf of a Player. In the presence of some of the abovementioned conditions the Organizers can compensate the playing team with:

– in cases when it is prepaid with a voucher/invitation – based on the Organizers’ judgement – reimbursement of the amount paid and scheduling a new Game;

– in every other case – scheduling a new Game with a discount (based on the Organizers’ judgement) within 10-100%.

VIII. Confidentiality. Intellectual property

8.1 The Players accept to enter the Organizers’ game zones without video or sound recording devices (including mobile phones, voice recorders, video cameras, cameras, computers, laptops, tablets and other similar devices). The Players accept to abide the Organizers’ prohibition for recording the Rooms in any way.

8.2 The Players can leave their mobile phones as well as any other devices as per article 8.1 in storage with an Organizers’ employee.

8.3 In case of prohibition of the violation from article 8.1, the Organizers have the full right to insists on receiving a forfeit from the Players at the amount of 300 (three hundred) levs for every separate case. The Players accept that they are solidary responsible in front of the Organizers. In addition the Organizers have the right to stop the Game for all of the Players and the Players agree to delete all the pictures taken or records made if the Organizers ask them to do so. A refusal for cooperation from the Players give the Organizers every right to terminate the Service without having to reimburse every payment arranged in advance and if a voucher or an invitation is being used – those are considered not valid any more. To avoid any doubts, in all cases the Organizers have the right to be compensated and if the damage is bigger than the compensation they are in their right to insist on a compensation equal to the damage.

8.4 The Organizers are also owners of the registered trade mark „3KEY“. The use of the trade mark is allowed only after a written consent from the Organizers. The use without the mentioned consents will lead to legal pursuits.

8.5 The participants are obligated not to announce any details from the Game, directly or indirectly, via Internet, social media or any other way. Every piece of information about the Game is a subject of a trade secret and is confidential. In case of abiding this prohibition the Organizers have every right to insists on receiving a forfeit at the amount of 500 (five hundred) levs from the Players for each separate case for uncovering a mystery detail. The Players accept that they are solitarily responsible in front of the Organizers. To avoid any doubts, in all cases the Organizers have the right to be compensated and if the damage is bigger than the compensation they are in their right to insist on a compensation equal to the damage.

8.6 The Players accept not to recreate the riddles and the situations that they have experienced during the Game neither in an altered way, nor to copy them after altering them. If abiding that prohibition the Players owe a forfeit at the amount of 1000 (thousand) for each separate case levs for a separate revealed detail and up to 5000 (five thousand) for each separate case for revealing a concept.  The Players accept that they are solitarily responsible in front of the Organizers. To avoid any doubts, in all cases the Organizers have the right to be compensated and if the damage is bigger than the compensation they are in their right to insist on a compensation equal to the damage.

8.7. The Players accept that their participation in a Game does not give them the right to create games that are identical or similar to the Games, provided as Services from the Organizers.

8.8 The Organizers have every right to take legal actions against every person, who violates the intellectual property rights in the possession of the Organizers.

IX. Personal Data

9.1 The Organizers are registered as personal data administrators in accordance to the requirements of the National Law on personal data protection and take the care needed for the information into their reach because of working with reservations or because of their Services use.

9.2 In the Service reserving process and/or preparation for the Service use, provided by the Organizers, the Players expressively confirm their consent to provide their personal data to the Organizers. The personal data includes full names, email and telephone number.

9.3 The Organizers collect, process, use and store the provided personal data for the conduction of their Service – input and management of the reservation, following submission of requested information to the Player(photos or link to Game photos) etc. The personal data as per article 9.2 may be also used for providing information for news and promotions in relation to the offered products and Services from the Organizers.

9.4 When a Player gives a verbal consent, an Organizers’ employee may photograph them, videotape them or make an audio record of the, The recordings are in possession of the Organizers and can be used for advertising, promotional and other purposes on the basis of their judgement. The Organizers take responsibility to do so in accordance to the internet etiquette, moral rules and good morals.

9.5 Via email the Players may cancel their consent for receiving information from the Organizers, as well as for the processing of their personal data, as far as those are not in need for contract obligations.

9.6 The Organizers accept not to reveal any personal data of their Users or Players to third parties.