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FAQ – 3 KEY Rooms Sofia Bulgaria

 Frequently Asked Questions

Escape room? What is that?

Escape room represents our well known computer quest games in real life simulation. These are games in which the participants are locked up – usually in a room, basement, ceiling, tower, cell, etc. – and they have to find way out. This happens after the careful investigation of the surroundings, after the discovering of all main details and with their help a series of logical riddles and puzzles is solved. The participants need to find keys, open secret hidings and locked mechanisms. In the computer quest games this can be done only by one “click” on different objects. But it is much more exciting when all of this turns into reality and you are actually physically in the game.

This is how the so-called real escape games or as we call them in Bulgaria – rooms of the tricks appear. Pioneer of the escape rooms in real conditions is the Silicon Valley, where in 2006 the room „Original Piece” was created. Nowadays these rooms are real sensation in Japan, USA, Canada, Hungary, Switzerland and in many other places. The good escape games rely on an intriguing story and conventional atmosphere.

To play a game you need to have a team of several people. You find yourself in closed space (you are not really locked and in 3KEY Rooms there are no claustrophobic elements!) and you usually have 60 minutes to find the exit and escape the room. You can rely only on your own logic!

No specific fields of knowledge or physical strength are required. But the challenge is there! Perceptiveness, logical thinking and good team communication skills are needed to succeed.

The game is created in a way not everyone could escape in 60 minutes! But everyone is having fun! You can also improve your further experience!

Challenge yourself! Play for fun!

Who can participate?


3KEY Rooms are created for teams of 2 – 6 or 7 people (depending on your choice of room). The rooms are perfect for friends and colleagues, who are looking for teambuilding, chilling after work or just having fun. Are you really good in finding way out from any situation? Try! The experience is also great for couples and families – convince yourselves that you know each other perfectly in extraordinary way! Tourists, by visiting 3KEY Rooms you have the possibility to spend 1 amazing hour which is going to bring your life worth memory. And we are located just in the heart of Sofia! And one question to the gamers – are you really that good in playing games? Prove it – but in real conditions!

The participants must be at least 12 years old due to the riddles complexity. If you have little child and you want to come together, call us. The participation of individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not allowed. These games are not suitable for people who fear closed spaces. However, keep in mind, that if you feel discomfort during the game you can go out in any time! Unfortunately 3KEY rooms are still not adopted for disabled people.

Are 3KEY Rooms scary and what happens if I am claustrophobic?

The rooms are not recommended if you fear from locked spaces However, if you feel discomfort you can leave the room in any time! Don’t forget the 3KEY Rooms are real rooms, after all! If you don’t have problems being in an ordinary room, the chance of feeling discomfort while playing is pretty small. There are not too tiny spaces and there is always light in the Rooms. There are no actors in 3KEY Rooms and there are no scary riddles and moments.

Are 3KEY Rooms suitable for pregnant women?

Yes. Our aim is not to scare the participants and there are no physical challenges. However, for pregnant women we recommend “The Detective & the Time Machine” as well as “Al Capone’ Secret Bar”.  In any case, keep in mind that you need to climb stairs in order to reach us and maybe at some point to squat. ;) Our experience shows that even in late pregnancy, the game goes off calmly and nice! :)

Do we need great physical strength or specific skills?

No, you don’t. You may need agility to some extend but you have your team behind your back, after all! The only physical “challenge” will be to climb the stairs in order to reach us, as well as to be able to make a squat. If someone from your team is not able to do so, please inform us in advice, so that we can figure something out. Don’t hesitate– contact us!

How to reserve?


Build up your team from 2 to 7 people (pay attention to the fact in “The Detective & the Time Machine” and in “MaTRICK” the maximal number of players is 6, while in “Al Capone secret bar” – 7)Choose a 3KEY Room and available date and hour and follow the instructions provided in our web site!

How much does it cost?

The price for a game in 3KEY depends on the number of players in a team. Тhe price for а team of 2 people is 70 BGN, 3 people – 90 BGN, 4 people – 120 BGN, for 5 people – 140 BGN and for 6 people – 160 BGN. For the “Al Capone’ secret bar” you can play in a group of  maximum 7 players and  in that case the price is 180 BGN.


Do we have to pay in advance?

It is not necessary to pay in advance. However, in case of booking more than 1 game at the same time (for example two parallel games or 2 contiguous games) deposit is needed, the amount of which is 35 BGN per room. In other words, if you arrange teambuilding with simultaneous games in “The Detective & the Time Machine” and “MaTRICK”, you have to pay 70 BGN as a deposit for this 2 rooms. You can pay via bank transfer or in our office in cash. If you decide to visit us, please contact us first, in order to confirm whether there are available people in our offices.

Can we change/cancel reservation?

If you want to change the day and/or the time of the reservation, contact us at least 48 hours prior to your reservation. We can check for a new hour for your team according to the booking system availability.  Please, keep in mind that such changes could be made only once per a registered team! We do not require preliminary payment, but we ask our guests to observe the booked hours or to cancel them on time.

Are 3KEY Rooms suitable for children and birthday parties?

3KEY Rooms are created as adult amusement. For children the rooms are an entertaining challenge, but the games are not a piece of cake. According to our policy, children can play without an adult if they are at least 12 years old. Kids over 8 years can also play, but with their parents.  Parents with baby (in the age before walking) are allowed to enter the room, but they are taking fully responsibility of their child! If you want to celebrate the birthday of a child over 12 years old we will welcome you but please, keep in mind we are not a children club and we do not offer animators, catering, drinks or party areas. In return here your children can have fun with really interesting and challenging rooms and tricks! :) We could ensure party area only for the “Al Capone Secret Bar” Room. You can find more information about the conditions to contact@3keyrooms.com, +359 876 33 82 35.

Do you offer vouchers as a present?

Yes! Each our Room has its own unique voucher, personalized specially for you!  The voucher is game paid in advice for chosen 3KEY Room without fixed date and hour and its price is equal to the regular price of the game depending on the number of players. It can be for at least 2 people and in this case the price is 70 BGN. The recipient can decide to use his/her present in another 3KEY Room or to invite more people, but then he/she must to pay the difference in the price. More information about our gift vouchers you can find here

How to choose in which Room to play or for which Room to take a voucher?

Each of the 3KEY Rooms has different and unique theme, riddles and puzzles. You can find details about our Puzzle Rooms here or ask us for advice at contact@3keyrooms.com or +359 876 33 82 35.

We saw requirement for the “Al Capone Secret Bar” to be 18+. Can we come with our children?

The Room’s theme is related to illegal attractions, including erotic decoration, controlled approach to weak alcohol and pretty realistic guns. We must inform you that these elements makes the game unsuitable for minors. Considering this and under their parents control children can join you. The Room decoration is of high artistic merit and there is no vulgar provocation. We provide a short version (60 min) of the Room, which is appropriate for children, familes or more conservative participants. If you prefer that version, please tick off the option of censorial version during reservation.

How to find you?

The “The Detective & the Time Machine” and “MaTRICK” rooms are located in the heart of Sofia – few minutehe St. “Alexander Nevsky” cathedral. The exact address is “Vasil Levski” bul. 102. If you walk from the Sofia University following the “Stochna Gara” square direction, take the right sidewalk. If you are coming with public transport, you can use the metro station network to Sofia University St. “Climent Ohridski” stop. You can also use trams 20 and 22, buses 78 and 79 or  trolleys 1, 11, 2 and 4. You can also easily get to our place with car. You can stop on Blue Zone (you have to pay via SMS to 1302; the Zone is valid as follows: Monday to Friday 8:30 – 19:30 h, Saturday: 8:30 – 18:00 h.; free during the rest of the time) or to Green Zone (payment is done via SMS to 1303; valid during the official working time: 8:30 – 19:30 h.; free the rest of the time). You can see details for parking in Sofia here. If you are bicycle fans – welcome! We have a secure place for your bike!

“Al Capone secret bar” is located very close to the “Serdika” metro station (Line 1!) networkabout 6 minutes on foot, right in the center of Sofia – “Tsar Samuil” str. 50 А. You will find the entrance next to “Bar Zar”, floor 4. The easiest way to get here is with the metro (line 1, “Serdika 1” stop). Another possibilities are tram stops 5 and 8 (“Palace of justice” stop), tram stops 8 and 10 (“Makedonia square” stop), tram stops 12,18,4 (“St. Nedelya square ” stop). If you are coming with car, please, pay attention that the room are located in the center, which means the Blue Zone terms are valid.

Can I play alone?

No! This is a team game. You have to form a team of at least 2 people. If you have no team for the game and the idea of playing with new people suites you– contact us to contact@3keyrooms.com and we will try to include you in another team.

We are more than 7 and we want to play together. Is it possible?

The space and the riddles in each room are meant for an optimal number of players. For “The Detective & the Time Machine” and “MaTRICK” this is 6 people in a team, and for “Al Capone secret bar” – up to 7. You can split into 2 or more teams from 2 to 6/7 people and to play in serial hours (for example 20:00 and 22:00 in “Al Capone secret bar”) or to have simultaneous game starts  in “The Detective & the Time Machine” and “MaTRICK” Rooms (located at the same address).

How to book simultaneous games in “The Detective & the Time Machine” and the “MaTRICK” Rooms, when the hours in the schedule are not overlapping? 

Make a reservation of the closest 2 hours in the two rooms and we will contact you to suggest adjusting the rooms schedules with 15 minutes so that the two teams start all together. There is also Notes field, where you can write that you want to play in the both Rooms at the very same time. For example: If you book for 6 people “The Detective & the Time Machine” for 17:00h and for 6 people “MaTRICK” for 16:30h, for all 12 people the game is going to start in 16:45.  

We will have a teambuilding. Can you issue an invoice?


Of course! Further we are also registered through VAT! :) Just inform us in advance and send us your company details.

What if we do not manage to escape on time?

The game is created, so that less than 50% of the participants could find the exit in 60 minutes. In any case you will have a lot of fun! Take it easy! :) 

Is specific knowledge required?

No! The riddles and the puzzles in 3 Key Rooms require fast and logical thinking instead. Wake your team spirit and perceptiveness, unlock your intuition and imagination and… go on – unlock your mind!

Have more questions?